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  • Features
    1、Hot-Air system used for "seam not seen" edge taping on panels very suitable for customers required excellent finish;
    Heating up hot-air-system only 15 minutes;
    3、No glue residues in between joints hence no cleaning agents necessary;
    4、Make in Germany system providing high performance but easy to run;
    5、System working with special edge tapes having glue pre-coated including PVC, ABS, and similar materials;
    6、Possible to switch over from Hot-Air system to another conventional gluing unit.



  • Main technical data
    model  NB7C-HAS
    panel length  ≥90mm
    panel width  ≥80mm
    panel thickness  10-30mm
    edge tape thickness 0.6-2mm
    feeding speed
    total power  28.6kw
    net weight 2560kg
    overall dimensions  7200×1450×1650
  • Product configuration
  • Case