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  • Features
    1、Use of sumtec control system;fully automatic production from loading,drilling,nesting grooves and cuts,and unloading;
    2、Powerful nesting software for patterning work pieces within the panel,opnel,optimizing process,remaking any single work piece,putting individual label on work pieces;working perfectly with the machine;adopted international standard XML file and fully opened port possible making connection toalmost all furniture software;
    3、Heavy duty gantry frame;X-axis driven by double servo motors synchronizing for accurate movement;
    4、Equipped with high precision tool setting probe;
    5、Option:one spindle & drilling unit;two spindles;two spindles & drilling unit。

  • Main technical data 
    model NCG2513L
    table size  2500×1300mm
    max.travelling speed(X axis)  50m/min
    max.travelling speed(Yaxis)  50m/min
    max.travelling speed(Z axis)  20m/min
    main spindle qty 1 (option:2 main spindles)
    main spindle power  6KW
    main spindle speed 18000rpm
    vcuum pump power  water cooling 7.5KW
    air extraction volume  250m³/h
    power  23kw
  • Product configuration

    model NCG2513L
    control system SYNTEC
    servo system YASKAWA
    spindle Chinese brand
    rail HIWIN 
    screw rod HIWIN 
  • Case