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  • Features:
    1、Connection by interfacing with most of furniture making software,modern intelligent production;
    2、Production prpcessed with automatic loading,machining work pieces and unloading;
    3、High-speed spindle,additional spindles by request;
    4、Potion:optimizing software generating best layout of work pieces and G-code.

  • Main technical data
    model NCG1325L
    table size  2500×1250mm
    max.travelling speed(X axis)  15m/min
    max.travelling speed(Y axis)  15m/min
    max.travelling speed(Z axis) 10m/min
    main spindle qty  1 (option:2 main spindles)
    main spindle power  6KW
    main spindle speed   18000rpm
    vcuum pump power   water cooling 7.5KW
    air extraction volume  250m³/h
    power 20kw
  • Product configuration

    model  NCG1325L
    control system Weihong
    servo system  YAKOTEC
    spindle Chinese brand
    rail HIWIN
    screw rod  Chinese brand
  • Case