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  • Features:

    1、Y-axis by cantilever beam structure,working up to 1250mm;
    2、Moving to ends of X & Y directions both equipped with positioning rods,dual working stations possible for loading at four spots;
    3、Speed going X direction 80m/min; Y direction 70m/min;
    4、Use of HSK tool coupler;ATC magazine controlled by servo motor choosing from 8 tools,high speed and precision;
    5、Suction cups available in four sizes suitable for different work pieces;
    Applying FCC software to the control system and integrated within machine to display graphical drawings, to show processing status, to edit graphical designs, to establish order files, and to carry out more other functions;
    7、Smallest panel width 50mm;
    8、Option 1: additional C-axis with special aggregates for making complicated work pieces;
    9、Option 2: positioning by LED guide system.

  • Main technical data
    model NCP3312
    table size  3300×1250mm
    max.travelling speed(X axis)  80m/min
    max.travelling speed(Y axis) 70m/min
    max.travelling speed(Z axis) 20m/min
    main spindle power  9KW
    main spindle speed  24000rpm
    ATC capacity  8
    vertical dtills 14
    hortical drills  8
    drilling unit rotating speed  4000rpm
    vacuum pump power   5.5KW
    air extraction volume  140m³/h
    power 26kw
  • Product configuration 
    Model NCP3312
    Control system OSAI
    Servo system DELTA
    Spindle HSD
    Rail HIWIN
    Screw rod HIWIN
  • Case